Amit Klein | Co-founder Monument | Coaching for Changemakers

Authentic Leadership

Changemaking space:

Monument is an online treatment platform for anyone looking to change their relationship with alcohol.

The Opportunity:

Leading authentically and getting the best out of my team.

The Impact:

"Working with James I discovered a more authentic style of management which was more candid and focused on asking the right questions and working as partners with my team to discover solutions.

16° coaching has really helped transform my individual performance as well as the output of my team. James is not only smart, attentive and encouraging he's also genuinely caring and consistently uplifting. I always leave my sessions with him feeling like I have a clear plan on how to tackle the challenges I'm facing and measure the results of my progress. He's not only helped me become a better leader through training, reading and many structured conversations but he's helped me be a better person by introducing me to conscious practice and techniques that help improve my life outside of work as well."